Product Description

The FlowFraction™ is used with our Seg-Flow sampling system for on-line fraction collection from up to eight vessels for further off-line analysis of your bioprocess. The FlowFraction system is customizable to accommodate a variety of tube types and sizes, septum piercing, and temperature control. Reagent addition and sample dilution may be performed prior to vial deposit with the optional Seg-Flow Sample Module. The FlowWeb™ software controls and monitors all sample collection functions. Internal flow paths are self cleaning after every sample cycle, ensuring no sample carryover or contamination.

FlowFraction™ Features

  • Multi-rack collection system
  • Accommodates a variety of tube and vial sizes
  • Septum piercing capable
  • Sample volumes from 250 µl to 50 ml
  • Peltier or liquid temperature controlled plate rack options
  • Sample dilution and reagent addition option available
  • Optional washstation for external needle cleaning
FlowFraction with Peltier Plate with Rack

Additional Features

  • The FlowFraction™ 400 is customizable to accommodate a variety of tube types and sizes. Temperature control options include peltier or external chiller plate. Septum piercing dispensing is standard with this fraction collector.
  • Liquid Temperature Control Rack Options: 2mL HPLC, 5mL, 15mL, 50mL (up to two racks per plate)
  • Peltier Rack Options: 96 well plate, 2mL HPLC, 5mL, 15mL, 50mL (one rack per plate)
  • Custom rack sizes available upon request

FlowFraction™ Monitoring & Control

  • Sample collection controlled by FlowWeb software
  • Every event monitored and recorded
  • Easy system tracking & monitoring
  • lowFraction monitoring and control with FlowWeb software